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Wisconsin is fortunate to have a great diversity of wildlife. Observing wildlife can provide a tremendous amount of satisfaction and enjoyment. However, attracting wildlife to your property can sometimes lead to problems, such as property damage and issues with human health and safety. The University of Wisconsin Extension Service, United States Department of Agriculture-Wildlife Services (Wisconsin), and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources have joined together in creating this website to help resolve wildlife damage issues in Wisconsin.

Fact sheets at the right include a Wildlife Primer, which provides an introduction to wildlife damage management, and species-specific fact sheets, which give more detailed information about each animal. Each fact sheet describes how to positively and accurately determine whether an animal is the culprit, suggests methods to prevent further damage, and provides sources for additional information. Laws and Regulations gives a legal and integrated approach to wildlife damage resolution.

We hope you enjoy this website and find it helpful in living with wildlife!

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For more information about this project, please contact David Drake:

ddrake2@wisc.edu          (608) 890-0445

Photo credits: redwinged blackbird - George Gentry, USFWS; white-tailed deer, woodchuck, cottontail rabbit - Jeffrey Strobel; mole, opossum - http://www.icwdm.org

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